for autisticnanako 

a digital kitty, soft and rare
lurks in purr binary lair 
hiding with electric paws 
a smile formed in feline jaws. 
bright and sparkling pupils stare 
as tiny whiskers taste the air 
concluding there’s nothing to fear 
and cat is happy, free of care. 


Anonymous said: would you use they/them pronouns in a poem too, or just neopronouns?

I’d use they/them :)


Anonymous said: can we submit poems that we've written? if yes, is there a specific format we should use?

Yes you can! In fact, I’d love that! You should post the content of your poem in italics, if it has a title the title should be bolded, and at the very top, if it is for a specific user, say who it is for. That’s also where you’d say it if you want to be anonymous. For instance: 

optional: for username (optional: please keep me anon)

optonal: title

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Can’t wait to see what you write. Remember to follow the rules on the submit page as well! -Cain :)


merrygentlemen said: this is actually a really great idea, and the poems so far are all lovely!!! best of luck!

Thank you <3


for avaengers 

a magic witch in orbit spins. 
star chants a song - a spell begins. 
star plucks a comet off a shelf
and wraps the void around starself, 
and in a suit of milky space, 
star dances, with galactic grace.


for @mossykin 

peeking from behind the flowers, 
a shy raccoon is smiling sweetly. 
fae’s in love with summer showers 
and this ones’ rain is tangling neatly 
into crowns that cradle faer - 
grass ringed with water, everywhere. 


for mylittleshapeshifter

watch as e twists in the dark, 
eir hands morphing into feet, shimmer shifting, 
slowly drifting from form to form and back to form. 
and e finds it so uplifting, this infinite potential 
to become. from a shadowy mass, pulsing with life 
and constant, beautiful change. 


for @anoddlittleplace 

dainty feet twitch and xe glitches and laughs. 
xyr mind is a glass filled with clockwork and graphs. 
when xe stretches, xyr porcelain nuts and bolts 
are muffled by lace, and xe grins through the jolts. 
xyr eyes are bright with metal implanting. -
beeping and dancing, silver, enchanting.